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Quick Summary

In the coming weeks, we will be share information from many of the vendors that offer discounted prices through Minitex Cooperative Purchasing. This week, Sentry Custom Security is in the spotlight!

3m gates not working? Sentry can fix that!

About Sentry Custom Security

Minitex and Sentry have been partners since 2016, and Minitex is now one of Sentry’s leading distributors of library security products. From full-system installations to Sentry Security accessories, to EM, RF and RFID products, Minitex and Sentry have it all covered - at a discount!

Sentry produces all their products in North America, so they have no issues with back orders from overseas. When you order a product from Sentry, you will get it!

Current Offers

Sentry Bookcheck units, Bookwands, and the WAM Gate System are all hot items right now at Shop Minitex, with many orders throughout the region. Please note that WAM Gate Systems are custom orders, so they are not shown on the Sentry page of Shop Minitex. Contact Tim Peters directly if you'd like to discuss your options. 

Recent Customers

A partial list of Minitex customers that have bought Sentry Security Products discounted through Minitex:

  • University of Minnesota                   
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison & River Falls
  • University of Kansas                       
  • Newton Iowa Public Library
  • Western Illinois University            
  • Winona Public Library
  • South Dakota State University      
  • Bethany Lutheran College
  • MN State Moorhead                        
  • Northern State University
  • Columbia Heights Public                
  • University of St. Thomas

More about Sentry Custom Security

  1. Sentry produces their own product in North America! 
  2. Sentry has had very few backorder issues
  3. Sentry provides excellent customer service
  4. Sentry costs are the lowest in the industry
  5. Sentry products are all EM-, RF-, and RFID-compatible with your existing gates


Our staff loves the wand! It's light weight, easy to use and since it's cordless, it is very adaptable. lt saves a lot of time since you don't have to pick up every book individually; you can scan the whole stack or shelf of books at one time. We also appreciate that you don't need to remove CDs and DVDs from their envelopes in order to sensitize & de­sensitize them.

- Barb Kondrick, Adult Services Librarian, Columbia Heights Public Library

Our library just had a Sentry upgrade of our 3M 3500 library security systems with the WAM/MM-RT controller. We are especially pleased with the reporting feature that allows our staff to generate reports of gate count activity. Also, Sentry's ability to access the controllers remotely should provide improved efficiency with system maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.

- James Piccininni, Dean of Library, University of St. Thomas

For a limited time, receive a free pack of EM labels with every bookwand ordered, or with every updated system. Sentry has parts to service and upgrade 3M 3500 & 3900 systems. 

How to Order

Direct your web browser to Shop Minitex or browse our 2022 Library Products Catalog (a K-12 catalog is also available). Contact Tim Peters for additional information and for custom orders. Call 612-625-9527 or 800-462-5348 to speak with Tim, or email him at You can even reach him by fax at 612-625-3569.

Written by

Tim Peters
Products Coordinator
Dana Kocienda
Program/Project Specialist & Assistant to the Director
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