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Electromagnetic (EM) Bookwand.

Sentry (EM) Bookwand

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Product Description

The Sentry Bookwand™ is the only portable hand-held Electromagnetic (EM) reactivator/deactivator available to libraries today. The Bookwand™ features an ergonomic, lightweight design that is compact and easy to use.

Compatible with all industry standard EM security strips, including 3M Tattle-Tape™, the Bookwand™ reactivates security strips in books and media items, such as CDs and DVDs. When the Bookwand™ is ON, it will reactivate security strips; when it is OFF, it can also be used to deactivate security strips. The Bookwand™ runs on rechargeable batteries and does not need to be plugged in during use.


The Bookwand™ can reactivate security tags in books and media items individually, in groups, or when shelved.


To use the Bookwand™, simply remove the wand from the charging stand and press and hold the ON button while drawing the reactivating cylinder of the wand across the spine of the book. The reactivation procedure is the same whether the security strips are placed in the spine or the gutter of the book.


Library staff can also rapidly reactivate multiple books by placing them on a book cart and running the Bookwand™ up and down along the spines of the books. Library staff can process an entire book cart in about 2 minutes, saving valuable time.



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