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by Elissah Becknell
MarcEdit software can create, manipulate, and transform library metadata in a variety of MARC formats and standards. This workshop is delivered over Zoom, but is not a passive experience. Participants will be using MarcEdit and learning how to work with data with an instructor.
by Dana Kocienda
Unlock new skills and insights at the Enhancing Quality Staff (EQS) Symposium on May 30th at the University of Minnesota! Dive into a diverse range of topics from generative AI to container gardening, and hear from keynote speaker Karen Diver on building respectful relationships with Native American communities. Whether you’re a library professional or a library student, don’t miss this chance to grow professionally and personally. Register by May 20th—free for University employees!
by Carla Pfahl
Workplace psychological safety is the belief that one will not be embarrassed or punished for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes. With workplace psychological safety, the focus is on creating a culture of communication and collaboration that fosters innovation and resilience.
by Ann Kaste
The Plum Creek Library System is partnering with eight other Minnesota Regional Library Systems to present the program TESTIFY: A Conversation, a virtual webinar featuring retired Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page and his daughter, Georgi Page-Smith.
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