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Quick Summary

On May 3-4, Minitex Connect will offer attendees 24 sessions to choose from, organized into four tracks: Expanding Access; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Resource Sharing; and Digital Librarianship. Register today, there is no cost to attend.

The logo for Minitex Connect 2022. The tagline reads, "Digital Equity and the Future of Libraries."

This year's theme for Minitex Connect is digital equity and the future of libraries, and the staff at Minitex along with their colleagues in the library community stepped forward with an impressive set of sessions. As a result, the conference will have four tracks: Expanding Access; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion; Resource Sharing; and Digital Librarianship. Attendees will be free to focus on any given track, or to bounce from one to the other as they so choose. Session descriptions are available on the full event listing.

We'll kick off each half day with a keynote address. Minneapolis-based poet and educator Kyle Tran Myhre will speak on our first day, May 3, and Felton Thomas, Jr., director of the Cleveland Public Library, will offer his address the morning of May 4.

There is no cost to attend. REGISTER TODAY.

Track 1 - Expanding Access

  • "Space to Grow:" Creating State Library Services’ Racial Equity Plan
    Hannah Buckland, State Library Services
  • From Rights Statements to Traditional Knowledge Labels: Expanding Access and Inclusivity at the Minnesota Digital Library
    Jolie O. Graybill, Minitex
  • Community Specialists and Digital Navigators collaborate to provide culturally responsive digital access
    Sarah Gerdes, Saint Paul Public Library
  • Preparing for database challenges
    Matt Lee, Minitex
  • Press Play: Helping State Law Library Patrons with Instructional Videos
    Sarah Larsen, Minnesota State Law Library
  • 60-Year Curriculum
    Mary Mehsikomer, Sourcewell Technology • Maggie Snow, Minitex

Track 2 - Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Textbook Affordability and the Library: Using Institutional Data and Overlap Analysis for a Principled Approach
    Zorian Sasyk
  • Recruiting participants to Cell-Ed/Innovation Lab access
    Sarah Gerdes
  • Hotspots, laptops, and more : A panel discussion on lending digital equipment
    Stacy Lienemann • Barb Bergman • James Ostley • Christie Kess
  • Bringing the 21st Century Library to Rural MN (Libraries without Borders)
    Edward Hilbrich
  • American Craft Council Library: The Other Twin Cities Public Library
    Beth Goodrich
  • "Every Book Its Reader" : Rethinking Linguistic Equity in the Library for the Digital Age
    Reyzl Grace MoChridhe

Track 3 - Resource Sharing

  • Tips and Tricks on Searching and Requesting Free Genealogy Materials
    Katie Huynh, Minitex
  • Electronic Delivery MiniTech: The hardware and software we use at Minitex to fill your requests
    Kyle Triska, Minitex
  • High Schools and Interlibrary Loan: Making it Easy!
    Ann Kaste, Minitex
  • Exploring Minitex Resource Sharing Statistics
    Obinnaya Oji, Minitex
  • ILL and Copyright
    Nancy Sims, University of Minnesota Libraries
  • New Minitex Technologies & Administrative changes now and the future
    Paul Swanson, Minitex • Terry Beseman, Minitex

Track 4 - Digital Librarianship

  • Raising Awareness Using Social Media
    Stephanie Hess, Minitex
  • eLibrary Minnesota: Learning experiences for all
    Beth Staats, Minitex
  • Bringing IIIF Manifests to life in Wikidata
    Gina Solares, University of San Francisco • Jeff Mixter, OCLC
  • Enhancing Patron Connections with AskMN
    Carla Pfahl, Minitex
  • Linked Data and Libraries: A Glimpse at a Connected Future
    Sara Ring, Minitex
  • ERMN Connect
    Anne Hatinen, Minitex

Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications