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Kyle Tran Myhre (also known as Guante) will offer the keynote address at Minitex Connect's opening day on May 3. Kyle is an author, former frontline library worker, and slam poet who has performed everywhere from the United Nations to music festivals. Mark your calendar and save May 3-4 for Minitex's new conference, Minitex Connect.

A photograph of Kyle Tran Myhre with "Guante" written below, set alongside a photo of the Minneapolis skyline at dusk.

Minitex is pleased to announce that Minneapolis-based poet and educator Kyle Tran Myhre will provide the opening keynote address at Minitex Connect. Minitex Connect's inaugural edition will take place May 3-4, 2022. The fully online conference will consist of two half days, with each half day beginning at 8:30 a.m.


Kyle Tran Myhre (also known as Guante) is a poet, educator, and activist based in Minneapolis. His work explores the relationships between identity, power, and resistance, and he’s performed everywhere from the United Nations, to music festivals like Eaux Claires and Soundset, to countless colleges, universities, and conferences. He’s also been part of two National Poetry Slam championship teams, given a TEDx Talk, and published two books via Button Poetry. A former frontline library worker, Tran Myhre's current work around narrative explores how it isn't just the stories we tell that matter—it's also where those stories live: from the archive, to the open mic, to the oral history, and beyond.


Minitex was conceived as a library information network, and that's what it still is today. We are our connections with libraries across Minnesota and beyond. The Minitex Connect conference celebrates this interconnectivity and builds upon it by inviting each and every part of the library community to come together to learn and to share successes, create new ideas, and plan our best possible future together.

No matter where you are, or who you are, libraries are there for you. That spirit has never been more important than it is today. That's why the inaugural edition of the Minitex Connect conference will focus on digital inclusion and equity of access to library services. Together, we'll learn about the innovative ways Minitex and libraries across Minnesota and the region are improving their services to offer them to anybody, anywhere.

Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications