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Chau Nguyen describes her work processing requests at the Twin Cities Offsite Storage facility.  


My name is Chau Nguyen. Part of my job duties includes processing new requests at the Twin Cities Offsite Storage facility where I work one day a week and serve as a backup to the Library Assistant 2, Mary Pukenis, who works there on a daily basis. 

The Twin Cities Offsite Storage facility (also called PS2) is a high-density storage site at The University of Minnesota Libraries, located at the corner of Como Avenue and 29th Avenue SE in Minneapolis. In collaboration with the University Libraries, Minitex retrieves items from the compact storage shelves.  

To retrieve materials, we use a lift that gives us access to requested items. It needs to be pushed between shelves. Moving this giant machine from aisle to aisle certainly feels like my basic workout for the day. After working with the lift for a half hour I feel like I have just stepped out from the gym!

Photo: Minitex Resource Sharing staff member Mary Pukenis working in the Twin Cities Offsite Storage facility.

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Chau Nguyen
Resource Sharing Lead
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