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Upgrade your old 3M System or Sentry System and get a free pack of EM Labels. The Sentry RT Controller upgrades Sentry and 3M systems, enhancing tag detection and enabling remote diagnostics. It offers an optional patron counter with reporting software and additional security features like alarm-triggered video recording. Promotion is valid until July 31, 2024.

Sentry RT Controller

Text courtesy of Sentry Custom Security.

Upgrade your old 3M System or Sentry System and get a free pack of EM Labels*

The Sentry RT Controller is an upgrade for Sentry WAM-2 & MM systems, as well as 3M 3500 & 3900 to make old systems new again. By simply replacing old electronics with our RT Controller, your security gates are alive again with better tag detection and a remote tuning feature to perform system diagnostics, and adjustments via the internet.

The Sentry RT Controller has an optional built-in patron counter with LibraryAssist™ software that enables librarians to access detailed patron count reports using a local area network connection.

Electronic outputs add further security options, such as an alarm signal to trigger a video recorder.

Sentry EAS equipment is manufactured in the USA.

* Applicable taxes are extra. Price is in US dollars. Promotion is valid until July 31, 2024.

“Our library just had a Sentry upgrade of our 3M 3500 library security systems with the WAM/MM-RT controller.

We are especially pleased with the reporting feature that allows our staff to generate reports of gate count activity. Also, Sentry's ability to access the controllers remotely should provide improved efficiency with system maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.”

James Piccininni,
Dean of Libraries, University of St. Thomas (TX)

Minitex and Sentry have been partners since 2016, and Minitex is now one of the leading distributors of Sentry’s library security products. From full-system installations to Sentry Security accessories, to EM, RF and RFID products, Minitex and Sentry have it all covered - at a discount!

Sentry produces all their products in North America, so they have no issues with back orders from overseas. When you order a product from Sentry, you will get it!

To order, visit the Shop Minitex website or contact Dana Kocienda
Fax:  612-624-4508
Products Phone:  612-625-9527 or 800-462-5348
Direct Phone: 612-625-5014

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Dana Kocienda
Products Coordinator
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