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Sentry Custom Security is offering price reductions on its EM Bookcheck Electronic De/Reactivation and Stand-Alone Wireless USB Patron Counter (with detailed patron-count information) until August 30, 2023.

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Minitex and Sentry have been partners since 2016, and Minitex is now one of the leading distributors of Sentry’s library security products. From full-system installations to Sentry Security accessories, to EM, RF and RFID products, Minitex and Sentry have it all covered - at a discount!

Sentry produces all their products in North America, so they have no issues with back orders from overseas. When you order a product from Sentry, you will get it!


EM Bookcheck Electronic De/Reactivation

Sentry is now offering this product for just $2,700 (model ADR-B, a $295 discount from the original price), and $3,600 (model ADR-S, a $395 discount from the original price). Shipping and applicable taxes are not included.

The Sentry EM Bookcheck, Advanced Deactivator/Reactivator (ADR) increases efficiency at the circulation desk by desensitizing or resensitizing EM security strips in one pass. The ADR is safe to use with all library materials and will not damage magnetic media. Bookcheck’s simple, push-button interface is very easy for library staff to use.

Available options:

  • Verification: A tag detector module that verifies the presence of a security strip in the item being processed. 
  • Built-In Scanner: This device increases efficiency at the circulation desk by scanning barcodes and desensitizing or resensitizing EM security strips in one pass.

Stand-Alone Wireless USB Patron Counter With Detailed Patron Count Information

Sentry is now offering this patron counter for just $1,399 (shipping and installation included, a $301 discount from the original price). Applicable taxes are not included.

This completely wireless people-counting system is a reliable, user-friendly, and affordable tool that will provide a library with accurate patron-count information. Special SensorServer software allows librarians to analyze the data by hour, day, week, month, and year in table or graph form. Data can be downloaded as a .csv file for viewing and manipulation in Excel. This valuable information reveals peak traffic periods to determine optimal operating hours and staffing requirements. And best of all, there are no yearly fees to access your information.

TESTIMONIAL: “I wanted to share with you my satisfaction with the USB Wireless People Counter that we installed at the East Chicago Public Library. It was a very easy setup. Once the data is retrieved, it is easy to upload and retrieve. Customer service and follow up for this product has also been exceptional.“ - Leticia M. Romero, East Chicago Public Library 

Price valid until August 30, 2023


Direct your web browser to Shop Minitex or browse our 2023 Library Products Catalog (a K-12 catalog is also available). Contact Tim Peters for additional information and for custom orders. Call 612-625-9527 or 800-462-5348 to speak with Tim, or email him at You can even reach him by fax at 612-625-3569.

Written by

Dana Kocienda
Products Coordinator
Tim Peters
Products Coordinator
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