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Ebooks Minnesota contains 500 Spanish language books and recently added a few titles in Arabic, Haida, Hmong and Somali.

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Ebooks Minnesota contains 500 Spanish language books and recently added a few titles in Arabic, Haida, Hmong, and Somali.  Along with these, the collection includes a small amount of books in French, as well as several titles in the Speak another language! series.  These include My First Arabic Phrases, My First French Phrases, My First Italian Phrases, My First Japanese Phrases, and My First Russian Phrases.  While wonderful for elementary learners, these books can also make great tools for adults trying to learn a new language for travel or correspondence.

The Arabic books include I'll build you a bookcase, offering rhyming bilingual text, Stepping Stones: a refugee family's journey and Time to pray.  Stepping Stones is an enhanced bilingual read-along ebook by Orca Publishers.  

Sguna, salgang, dang k'uut'as, dang k'uusgid = Kiss, tickle, cuddle, hug is a Pre-K book in English and Haida, which showcases photos and descriptions of human facial expressions, emotions, and signs of affection.  

One of four titles by Minnesota author Kao Kalia Yang included in Ebooks MN is the Hmong language book, Yam uas zoo nkauj tshaj plaws.  This book focuses on the grandparent and grandchild relationship and was just recently published.  Another book by Yang is the French language children's story of grief and bereavement, Une carte vers le monde.  

Aside from these titles, there are also 2 Karen books published by St. Paul Public Library, several Ojibwe language ebooks, and nine Somali language titles including newly added, Being good = Noqonaya mid wanaagsanEmotions = Shucuurta, Feelings = DareemaddaGratitude = Mahadnaq, and Outdoors = Dibadda guriga.



Written by

Beth Staats
Outreach & Instruction Librarian, Ebooks MN Coordinator
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