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Quick Summary

Examine is the largest online database of nutrition and supplement research with their own researchers and no ads or industry ties. This is a potential new e-resources vendor for Minitex.

The "Examine" corporate wordmark.

Since 2011, Examine has been tracking and analyzing tens of thousands of nutrition and supplement studies in order to help their readers get healthier. The content that Examine provides includes:

  • Health taxonomy connecting 25 categories, 400+ conditions and goals, and 1000+ health outcomes and metrics to over 500 interventions, primarily based on nutrition and supplementation
  • Answers to over 1,500 FAQ
  • Study Summaries: quick breakdown of 150+ new nutrition studies every month
  • Examine Database: collated research and efficacy grades on over 10,000 human in vivo studies
  • Supplement Guides: step-by-step directions on what to take, when to take, and how much to take for different health goals
  • Citations for all claims and results

Examine has over 20 researchers on their team and strict contractual obligations ensuring no conflicts of interest — 100% of their revenue comes from subscriptions; no ads, sponsorships, consulting, services, physical products, or anything else.

Examine makes it easy to look up the research on any combinations of health interventions, conditions, and outcomes. Study demographics are included with this information to help determine relevancy. They filter over a thousand studies every month to curate the most noteworthy research. Readers who need step-by-step directions for supplementation can find exactly what they need, tailored to their health goals. Health professionals use Examine to quickly and easily look up the answers to health, nutrition, and supplementation questions they get from their patients and clients.

You can trial Examine; you will be prompted to create an account (or you can sign up with Google).

Please contact if you are interested in Examine.

Written by

Anne Hatinen
Electronic Resources Librarian
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