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Quick Summary

Minitex welcomed seven Hennepin County Library staff members, led by Aaron Albertson, for a tour of our offices and facilities on Wednesday, January 17.

Eight library staff stand pose in front of the stacks in MLAC.

If there's one thing Minitex enjoys more than serving libraries, it's spending time with library staff. This group from Hennepin County Library's Plymouth branch was an absolute delight. We started by visiting each unit in Minitex's main office, located in Wilson Library on the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities West Bank Campus. We proceeded from there for tours of our Delivery facilities, the Referral Processing Area, and the Minnesota Library Access Center in (and beneath) Andersen Library. Fred Finch, Joshlynn Borreson, and Michelle Penna were our guides.

Our visitors from Plymouth were Aaron Albertson, Antonio Backman, Serena Edinger-Willson, Callista DePauw, John Knauss, Angela Langeberg, and Alexandra Pollock. We thank them for making the trip!

If you and some of your library colleagues would like to visit us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications