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Contract Cataloging services are operational, with some small changes due to remote work situations.

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As some Minitex staff continue to work from home, we are finding ways to maintain services in new ways. Minitex Contract Cataloging is one such service. Items can still be sent to the Minitex office for cataloging, where they will be picked up and processed by staff. The only significant difference is that Minitex is not currently able to do any physical processing of items (e.g. printing and affixing labels). There may also be some delays in the shipping process. 

If you have items to be cataloged, please contact Lizzy Baus ( with any questions you may have. 

Written by

Lizzy Baus
Metadata Librarian, Macalester College
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Comprehensive cataloging service, including reclassification, records conversion, copy, rare, and original cataloging

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