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Quick Summary

Get to know Maather AlJabri, one of Minitex's newest staff members, fulfilling the role of Web and Applications Developer.


Maather is our Web and Applications Developer and will be working on both our Drupal-based websites and our Windows applications, like Mira and the Cost Savings Database/Middleware.  For Drupal, she will be working primarily in our custom Drupal modules, which equates to MyMinitex services like the IP Change form and the ILL request form.  On the Windows side, she will be working on issues and feature development, while also helping to standardize our coding practices and procedures for both platforms.

What do you enjoy most about working in IT?

I really like the learning and problem solving aspects of IT. I always enjoy expanding my skills.

Do you have a positive experience or fond memory of libraries prior to your job here at Minitex?

My favorite experiences were in University, especially the group studies we had in the library. That was very helpful for me.

What are some favorite things to do in your free time?

I like hiking, bouldering, and indoor climbing. I only started doing climbing about two months ago but I really enjoy it.

Do you have a favorite place to eat in the Twin Cities, and what do you recommend ordering?

I have a favorite coffee shop, Bordertown (near Dinkytown). It's comfy and cozy. My favorite drink is actually not coffee, I order the Chai Latte.

Do you have a favorite place to travel to or a place you really want to visit at some point?

I really want to visit Alaska and New Zealand. The nature in those places is beautiful. I'd particularly like to hike around New Zealand. Locally, I like the St. Anthony area, especially the theater. It's fun to walk around the area and see the Stone Arch Bridge. 

What is one random thing you don't mind sharing about yourself with your fellow library colleagues? 

I came from Oman as an international student studying computer science and did my undergrad at the University of Minnesota.

Written by

Philip Sites
Resource Sharing Lead