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Quick Summary

The Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project provides independent authors with professional-grade tools so they can publish their work. It also offers readers and would-be authors a rich collection of freely available titles that demonstrate MLPP's potential, many of which are collected together in the MLPP Book Showcase.

Books lined up on a shelf.

MLPP’s book design tool, Pressbooks, is available to all Minnesotans, free of charge. Pressbooks is an easy-to-use online service that enables authors to create attractive content using a wide variety of templates and formatting options. Pressbooks allows ebooks to be kept private, shared with other authors or editors, or made publicly available. Templates are available that are specifically tailored for poetry, fiction, family history, dissertations, and many other content types.

The works listed below are all a part of MLPP's Book Showcase, and they're just the tip of the iceberg: since its inception, Minnesotans have initiated over 1,000 book projects using MLPP. To get yours started, look for inspiration below, then check out MLPP's step-by-step instructions.


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Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications