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Minitex News articles tagged with "Self Publishing" (10):

Create professional-grade ebooks and print-ready books with MLPP

The Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project equips community groups, classrooms, and self-published authors with tools to transform their writing into professional-grade ebooks and print-ready books. Writing will always be hard, but with MLPP, publishing doesn't have to be.

A resource and an inspiration: The MLPP Book Showcase

The Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project provides independent authors with professional-grade tools so they can publish their work. It also offers readers and would-be authors a rich collection of freely available titles that demonstrate MLPP's potential, many of which are collected together in the MLPP Book Showcase.

Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project nears 1,000-book milestone

Minnesotans have created 990 book projects using the Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project (MLPP). With just 10 books to go until we reach 1,000, we take a moment to reflect on 10 notable facts about MLPP.

Dukelow and Robak publish "Legal Issues in Libraries and Archives" via Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project

"Legal Issues in Libraries and Archives: an open textbook for library and information science courses" addresses legal issues relevant to librarians, archivists, and information technologists. Publication of the textbook, co-edited by Ruth Dukelow and Michael Robak, was made possible by the Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project.

Self-publish for free with the MLPP!

Learn about self-publishing with the Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project (MLPP) in this free, self-paced course.

Writing is hard; publishing doesn't have to be

When Sue Anne Kirkham set out to transform her journal entries into a published memoir, odds are she didn’t expect it to take ten years. More than halfway in, she even considered scrapping the whole thing. But she persevered, and this month published "Loving Zelda: A Stepdaughter’s Caregiving Journal."

Minnesota Author Project will spotlight Minnesota's best self-published books

The Minnesota Author Project is a literary contest that will spotlight Minnesota's best self-published books. To submit a book, you must be a Minnesota resident and your submission must be self-published. One winner will be chosen in each of two genres: adult and young adult. Winners will receive a $1,000 cash prize.

Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project

The Minitex Video Team has published a brief video to introduce the Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project to library staff and their patrons. The bottom line is this: if you're interested in self-publishing a book, Minnesota libraries can help!

Meet Barb Fister, a Minnesota author using Pressbooks

Barb Fister is a local author who has published six books, two of which she self-published using Pressbooks: If Then Else, a YA novel , and Babel Fish Boullabaisse, a collection of essays. In this article, Barb explains why she chose Pressbooks out of all the self-publishing software that was available.

Welcome to the Minnesota Library Publishing Project

The Minnesota Library Publishing Project (MLPP) is a pilot project that provides online publishing tools and training information to support independent authors and small publishers across the state.