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Quick Summary

In December 2020, Kirsten Vaughan and Sandy Buckingham shared the story of their connection with a library Smila, Ukraine. Sandy reached out to her colleague in Smila, Julia Bliznyuk, and received this update.

A photo of dozens of Ukranian people standing in line outside of a blood transfusion center in Cherkassy, Ukraine.

Text courtesy of Children's Library Director Julia Bliznyuk of Smila, Ukraine. Published with permission. Translation by Google Translate. Edited by Zach Miller. The above photo shows a long line of Ukrainians queued outside a blood transfusion center in Cherkassy, roughly 25 miles from Smila.

Good afternoon, dear Sandy! Thank you very much for your care and support. For today in our city, it is quiet. Yesterday there were two explosions near the military unit. We do not go to work as the library is closed to visitors. Only directors work. We are all in an anxious condition. We hope for the Lord God and our military to help stop this terrible calamity.

Today my nephew was taken to the war. My sister is very worried and crying.

We are all sitting at home now, watching the news. People are in constant anxiety, because no one knows what awaits us at any moment. We pray to God for help and protection.

Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications