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A map of Ukraine with a red dot on Smila, with inset pictures of, at left, Julia Bliznyuk, the library in Smila, and, at right, translator Anya Fartushna.

Library in Smila serves Ukrainians displaced by war

Apr 15, 2022

As the war in Ukraine intensified in the weeks since we last heard from librarian Julia Bliznyuk, her library in Smila expanded its service to displaced Ukrainians as well as local patrons. Julia shared this update via Sandra Buckingham, her friend and colleague from East Central Regional Library.
A photo of dozens of Ukranian people standing in line outside of a blood transfusion center in Cherkassy, Ukraine.

An update from our library friends in Ukraine

Feb 25, 2022

In December 2020, Kirsten Vaughan and Sandy Buckingham shared the story of their connection with a library Smila, Ukraine. Sandy reached out to her colleague in Smila, Julia Bliznyuk, and received this update.
A photograph of a red and white brick romanesque women's gymnasium in Smila, Ukraine.

Cambridge Public Library staff create connections with Ukraine

Dec 18, 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic reduced contact between libraries and their patrons, Kirsten Vaughan and Sandy Buckingham took the opportunity to make a connection between the library in Cambridge and another in faraway Smila, Ukraine.