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The Minitex MNLINK ILL Committee recommends the following best practice guidelines for filling requests from Minitex: 

Response Time

Respond to the request as quickly as possible. When your library is unable to fill the request in a reasonable amount of time, please respond with report code 10  - “preferred delivery time not possible.”

Loan Periods

Provide the most generous loan period possible and make sure to indicate the due date on the request slip. Include that with the item ensuring the borrowing request number and barcode information are visible when sending. 

Multi-volume Sets

Libraries should loan entire volumes or seasons of series, unless the request indicates a specific volume is needed. If multiple volumes are being sent for one request, place a rubber band around the set, or place a copy of the request in each volume or audiovisual container. 

If the entire multi-volume set is requested, but your library can only fill the first volume, note that when updating the request to “sent” on the ILL  system and on the request.

Renewal Requests

Review renewal requests daily and grant them whenever possible. 


Minimize recalls because it is often quicker to request the needed item via ILL than to recall. Consider noting that an item is not renewable on the request slip when shipping the item to the borrower. 


Whether or not your library participates in the delivery system, please ensure the item is properly packaged

Scanned items

For scans or electronic resources that your license allows you to use for filling interlibrary loan requests, please transmit them to Minitex using the following guidelines:

  • Include the Minitex referral request number in the subject line (note that a copy or scan of the request is not necessary.) 
  • Transmit using your preferred software to  

Report codes for unfilled requests

Use these codes to notify Minitex of the reason you cannot fill a request.

Code      Description
1               In use / On loan
2               Non-circulating
3               Not on shelf
4               Title not owned
5               Lacking volume / Issue
6               Branch location not accessible
7               On order
9                In Process / Technical processing
10             Preferred delivery time not possible
11             Poor condition
12             At bindery
13             Volume / Issue not yet available (use for print source only)
14             Not licensed to fill
17             Other unfilled reason
18             Courier only delivery
19             Not found as cited
24             Too new to lend or refer
25              Lost
26              On reserve
27              Popular title / In constant demand
29              No response / Reply from referral location
33              In use. Cannot refer to Wisconsin academic libraries
34              Location / Collection temporarily inaccessible

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