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A few thoughts and musings from the Minitex Resource Sharing team

Rubber bands

Welcome to a semi-regular feature where we'll share a few random thoughts and tidbits about the goings-on in Minitex Resource Sharing. This potpourri of content can touch on anything from new workflows, interesting books or media hotly circulating or some more creative endeavors from the Resource Sharing team. Enjoy!

Joshlyn Borreson (Library Assistant II) on hybrid meetings and student workers:

I've noticed we've been doing more hybrid meetings as people are more frequently working on-site. I've really missed meeting and catching up with people in person after so long. We're trying to encourage this with the informal Resource Sharing check-ins we recently organized as well; the first one we held went great!

We also had a lot of great students working this past semester in all areas of Resource Sharing. Specifically for campus locs, our students are really nice, reliable, and hard working. They've been a big help especially when full time staff is out. Its been fun to work with them, and I super appreciate all they do.

Katie Huynh (Resource Sharing Specialist) on staffing:

After a couple of years of trying to figure out staffing in our “new normal”, this semester it feels like we have finally reached a sweet spot with staff and student workers for coverage at our Wilson campus location. We changed how we schedule during the semester, going from three shifts a day to two. This has provided coverage without the need to have staff in the office every day. Because of this, staff who wish to have a hybrid schedule are able to work from home at least two days a week. What also has created this sweet spot is the fact that we have an amazing staff who are always willing to help out whenever we are busy or short staffed for the day. In addition to this, our student staff has been great this semester. They are all very reliable and hard working, which makes our job easier. 

To wrap up this first segment of "Resource Sharing 'Round the Horn", we give a nod to Rudi Brockfeld's (Library Assistant II) epic rubber band concoctions (as you see in the cover photo) from his spot in the Referral Processing Area (which may house the largest collection of rubber bands this side of a rubber band factory). These two spherical beasts are nearly four years old and new bands are slowly being added. 


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