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Gerri Moeller, head of Minitex's Resource Sharing & Delivery services, has been tapped by NISO to serve on a working group that will develop a "consensus framework for implementing controlled digital lending (CDL) of book content by libraries." She'd love to hear about your experiences with CDL.

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Controlled digital lending - everyone is talking about it, but it feels like the wild, wild west. How is controlled digital lending (CDL) defined? What separates it from other forms of digital lending? What are the best practices for using controlled digital lending? I'm participating in NISO's Controlled Digital Lending Recommended Practice Group, and these are among the questions we'd like to answer.

If you are currently implementing some form of CDL, or in the planning process for implementation, I would love to hear from you. Please help inform the upcoming NISO standard by sharing your experiences and concerns. The easiest way to reach me is by email at

Thank you!

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Gerri Moeller
Associate Director for Resource Sharing and Delivery
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