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MNLINK request numbers are impressive this year. 


Request traffic on MNLINK achieved some major milestones in fiscal year (FY) 2018 (July 2017-June 2018):

  • For borrowing, the 413,361 filled requests in the system are a new record. Also, on the borrowing side, a total of 540,494 requests were generated in the system. This is a 4.4% increase over FY2017 and the highest number in the last 6 years (FY2013-FY2018).
  • For lending, the numbers are both high-water marks. A total of 662,199 lending requests were generated and of those 411,387 requests were filled, a respectable fill rate of 62%.

The MNLINK system works to the benefit of our patrons because all libraries contribute as much as they can. So who are our traffic leaders for FY2018? Hennepin County Library dominates as the top lender and borrower. Other top lenders include Great River Regional Library, Southeastern Libraries Cooperating (SELCO), the Arrowhead Library System, and Ramsey County Library. Top borrowers in addition to Hennepin County Library include Dakota County Library, East Central Regional Library, Southeastern Libraries Cooperating, and Great River Regional Library.

Special kudos go to the top five net lenders. They include Great River Regional Library, Ramsey County Library, Rochester Public Library, Southeastern Libraries Cooperating, and Duluth Public Library.

For your VDX system statistics needs and questions, contact Obinnaya Oji ( in the Minitex office.

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Obinnaya Oji
Resource Sharing Manager
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