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Resource Sharing staff member, Nicole Masika has published a book using MN Writes MN Reads. 


Resource Sharing staff member, Nicole Masika, has written “‘Growing up Foodie” and published it using MN Writes MN Reads. We are proud to share this achievement, as it is not often that we get the opportunity to celebrate a publication by one of our own staff!

Nicole's memoir-cookbook is a wonderful read. In 16 short chapters, Nicole “weaves stories from her somewhat unconventional mid-20th-century midwestern childhood around family recipes.” During our interview, Nicole told me her hope was to document some family history for her kids (Bill, Ted, and Joe) and future descendants. She follows in the footsteps of her mother who has also documented their family history.

Nicole started telling her stories in blog posts. Through MN Writes MN Reads using Pressbooks those blog posts helped to get her book started. Once complete, Nicole used SELF-e to publish it. The result was a unique Christmas gift to her children.

The tools Nicole used are available for all Minnesota residents. Pressbooks and SELF-e are easy-to-use and enable authors and publishers to create content using a wide variety of templates, formatting, and output options. These tools are made available through a project coordinated by Minitex and Minnesota’s libraries.

Check out Nicole's book, "Growing Up Foodie."

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Obinnaya Oji
Resource Sharing Manager
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