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Sessions at Minitex Connect 2024 will be divided into two rooms with the first room focusing on MNLINK and featuring discussions on MNLINK training, Interlibrary Loan with ReShare, VuFind expertise, and Accessibility in eLibraryMN Databases and Ebooks Minnesota. Led by experts like Debra Denault, the discussions will cover the significance of MNLINK training, the impact of ReShare on ILL workflows, and the importance of user-centric approaches in library services.

2024 Minitex Connect

Minitex Connect will take place Tuesday, May 14, on the beautiful campus of Hennepin Technical College in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. For the first time, the conference will be fully in person. The cost to attend is just $40. Past editions of Minitex Connect featured sessions on a wide variety of topics, but this year's event will be tightly organized under the theme of "Resource Sharing and the New MNLINK."

The first room will provide training on the new MNLINK system, a vital component of library services in Minnesota. The conversations will delve into various aspects of MNLINK, including Interlibrary Loan with ReShare, using VuFind for patrons and public services staff, and Accessibility in eLibraryMN Databases and Ebooks Minnesota. 

Session 1: Interlibrary Loan with ReShare
Session 2: Using VuFind for patrons and public services staff
Session 3: Accessibility in eLibraryMN Databases and Ebooks Minnesota

Elevating Library Services - As libraries strive to enhance their services and empower patrons, staying abreast of the latest tools and technologies is paramount. MNLINK, Index Data, Interlibrary Loan with ReShare, and VuFind stand at the forefront of innovation in the library landscape. Furthermore, the opportunity to receive training from experts like Debra Denault of Index Data adds invaluable insight into maximizing the potential of these platforms. 

A Gateway to Enhanced Services - MNLINK training sessions provide library staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the intricacies of ReShare and VuFind. Led by Debra Denault, these sessions offer a unique opportunity to deepen understanding and address pertinent questions surrounding MNLINK's new features and functionalities. Whether participants specialize in interlibrary loan, assist patrons with MNLINK, or utilize MNLINK themselves, tailored sessions cater to their specific needs, fostering a comprehensive understanding of these transformative tools.

Simplifying Resource Sharing - Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services undergo a paradigm shift with the introduction of ReShare, a cutting-edge platform designed to streamline borrowing and lending processes. Through MNLINK training sessions, library staff gain insights into optimizing ILL workflows, harnessing the full potential of ReShare to enhance efficiency and user satisfaction. Debra's expertise elucidates best practices for interlibrary loan practitioners, equipping them with the tools to navigate ReShare with confidence and proficiency.

Empowering Patrons and Staff - VuFind emerges as a powerful discovery tool, offering patrons and public services staff alike intuitive access to library resources. Debra's expertise in VuFind delves into topics such as interlibrary loan with ReShare and maximizing VuFind's capabilities to meet the diverse needs of library users. Through tailored training sessions, participants learn how to leverage VuFind's robust search functionalities, customize the user experience, and facilitate seamless access to library collections, electronic resources, and more.

Driving Innovation in Library Services - Debra Denault's contributions to the library community extend far beyond training sessions. As a visionary in library services, Denault's insights into the intersection of technology and librarianship shape the evolution of library services. Through her guidance, libraries can harness the transformative potential of MNLINK, ReShare, and VuFind to redefine the patron experience and uphold the principles of equitable access to information.

In the ever-evolving landscape of library services, MNLINK training and expertise in platforms like VuFind are essential components of success. With Debra leading the charge, libraries have access to unparalleled insights and guidance, enabling them to navigate the complexities of modern librarianship with confidence and proficiency. As libraries continue to evolve and innovate, the knowledge gained from MNLINK training and VuFind expertise paves the way for a future where access to information knows no bounds.

E-Resource Accessibility - Despite advancements in digital library services, users with disabilities often encounter barriers that hinder their full participation in reading and research. Presented by Minitex Outreach & Instruction librarians, this session will explore the current solutions for improving accessibility for users of eLibraryMN and Ebooks Minnesota. They will delve into the essential aspects of database accessibility functionality, including changing language, font size, and reading level, as well as locating read-aloud tools. Attendees will learn to find and use these tools like a pro to foster an inclusive library environment for library users facing accessibility challenges.

If these sessions sound interesting to you, then make plans to join us at Minitex Connect 2024. 

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