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Quick Summary

Minitex's MNLINK interlibrary loan service will go live on its new platform on April 30. The service is getting a brand update at the same time, and that means retiring old logos and promotional materials.

The new MNLINK logo above two old logos, with red lines crossing them out.

On April 30, MNLINK will be renewed. It will continue to function as the online portal to interlibrary loan in Minnesota, just as it has for the past two decades. Likewise, the MNLINK brand will be renewed, while maintaining continuity with former iterations.

Please take this opportunity to review your websites, the signage that is posted in your libraries, and the promotional materials you offer patrons on behalf of MNLINK. Your websites should be updated with the new logo and all promotional materials (including bookmarks, brochures, and posters) featuring outdated logos should be discarded. Minitex has already distributed new bookmarks and posters to all MNLINK Operations members for further distribution to their constituent libraries.

To request additional materials, please visit the Order Promotional Materials page on the Minitex website. Likewise, MNLINK's new logo is available on our Logos & Images page. If you require assistance implementing the new MNLINK brand, don't hesitate to contact Minitex.

The April 30 transition will mark the culmination of nearly two years of collaboration between Minitex staff and their partners on the MNLINK Operations Committee and in the broader library community. We thank you for your efforts, and for helping us promote the familiar service and fresh experience of the new MNLINK.

Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications
MNLINK logo.

The online interlibrary loan portal to Minnesota's vast library resources