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Quick Summary

The Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project equips community groups, classrooms, and self-published authors with tools to transform their writing into professional-grade ebooks and print-ready books. Writing will always be hard, but with MLPP, publishing doesn't have to be.

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Since the project's inception, Minnesota authors have initiated over 1,000 books through MLPP, many of which are making a real impact. To get an idea of what's possible through MLPP, check out the MLPP Book Showcase. It features community histories, cookbooks, free online textbooks that have saved Minnesota students thousands, and more.

MLPP’s book design tool is Pressbooks: an easy-to-use online service that enables authors and publishers to create attractive content using a wide variety of templates and formatting options. Pressbooks allows ebooks to be kept private, shared with other authors or editors, or made publicly available. Templates are available that are specifically tailored for poetry, fiction, family history, dissertations, and many other content types.

Pressbooks assigns each uploaded manuscript a unique URL that authors and publishers can use to share their work. The tool also enables authors to export their works in formats that are essential to the publishing industry, including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and HTML. Authors also have a variety of options to create print versions of their book(s). To get started, check out MLPP's step-by-step instructions.

Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications
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Online publishing tools for independent authors, supported by Minnesota's libraries