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Sentry Custom Security manufactures both technologies in the USA, and has created a free webinar to answer your questions about EM & Barcode vs RFID. It's good to do research and careful planning when choosing between EM barcode and RFID systems for library management. By understanding the unique features and considerations associated with each technology, libraries can make strategic investments that optimize their operations and enhance user experiences.

EM & Barcode vs RFID

Text courtesy of Sentry Custom Security.

There is a lot of misinformation about what is best for your library security. Sentry Custom Security manufactures EM & Barcode as well as RFID right here in the United States and has created a free webinar to answer your questions about the differences between the two technologies.

Please select the webinar that works best for you by clicking the dates below in order to send an email request, or call 800-461-2803 (extension #115):

To order, visit the Shop Minitex website or contact Tim Peters
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