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In the coming weeks, we will be share information from many of the vendors that offer discounted prices through Minitex Cooperative Purchasing. This week, Rainbow Printing is in the spotlight!

Rainbow Printing


Minitex and Rainbow Printing have been partners for 10 years, with Albert Lea Public Library being the first library to place an order, in November of 2013. Minitex now has worked with over 100 libraries to order patron cards, keytags and patron card/keytag combos at discounted prices from one of the leading providers in the country.


Rainbow Printing has decades of experience printing custom plastic library cards and library key-ring cards. From large regional libraries like Carver County Library and Pioneerland Regional Library to the smallest local library with a single branch, Rainbow Printing can supply your organization with durable, attractive custom-printed library patron cards that fit your needs and budget.

Rainbow's full-color, low-cost printed Library Card / Keytag Combination patron IDs are manufactured with state-of-the-art digital printing equipment. You can choose to have them printed on either standard PVC or, for more demanding applications, on polyester laminate.

Getting a standard-size card in combination with one or two keyring-sized tags can keep your library “at hand” more often.

Both the PVC- and polyester-printed card sets can include your library logo, name, patron information and unique sequencing or magnetic indexing. Of course, custom colors and images can be used, and we are ready and able to help you make smart choices based on your needs and budget.


  • Albert Lea Public Library        
  • Carver County Library
  • Valley City Barnes County      
  • Pioneerland Library System
  • All of the Traverse de Sioux Libraries
  • North Dakota State Libary      
  •  Mitchell Public Library
  • Columbia Heights Public          
  • Huron Public Library

wHY to choose RAINBOW printing

Great customer service: Todd Coleman and his crew take all the guess work out of designing and ordering. Rainbow's customer service reps, designers and printing pros are available and happy to help you every step of the way!

  • Decide how many colors, which layout, how many designs, and how best to personalize, randomize, and sequentially number or interconnect identification systems.
  • Design based on file type, bar code data source, when to re-order, and decide if a stock design might work for your application.
  • Delivery a quality, accurate, guaranteed product that helps make your organization shine in the public’s eye.

Rainbow works with small to large libraries and organizations and can accommodate quantities all the way from 500 to 500,000 cards. Our staff will work closely to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied.

How to Order

Direct your web browser to Shop Minitex or browse our 2022 Library Products Catalog (a K-12 catalog is also available). Contact Tim Peters for additional information and for custom orders. Call 612-625-9527 or 800-462-5348 to speak with Tim, or email him at You can even reach him by fax at 612-625-3569.

Written by

Tim Peters
Products Coordinator
Dana Kocienda
Program/Project Specialist & Assistant to the Director
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