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Minitex News articles tagged with "Security Products" (4):

Cooperative Purchasing vendor spotlight: Rainbow Printing

In the coming weeks, we will be share information from many of the vendors that offer discounted prices through Minitex Cooperative Purchasing. This week, Rainbow Printing is in the spotlight!

Good News - Deadline Extended!

Enter the Sentry contest to win a free upgrade to your WAM-2, MM, 3M 3500 or 3900 system. The deadline has been extended to end of the day January 15, 2022!

Save money by making old systems new again

Sentry Custom Security is proud to announce the upgrade of old 3M 3500 library systems at the Doherty Library at the University of St. Thomas. The new Sentry RT-Controllers will save the library approximately $20,000 compared with buying completely new systems.

Win a free upgrade of your old 3M Library System or Sentry System

Enter contest to win a free upgrade to make old 3M and Sentry Library System new again!