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What are K12 Media Centers and Libraries ordering through Minitex.

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What are K12 Media Centers and Libraries ordering through Minitex? If you ever wondered it would be scanners and other items through our libraries supply companies. Thus far for 2023, barcode labels, Symbology Single & Double barcodes are the most ordered. However, there are also many scanners and stands, which can be found in our catalog. Of course, topping them of with RFID tags.

We can't go without mentioning that K12's are also ordering their e-resources through Minitex. So far this year there have been 118 instances where Minitex has helped stretch thoses dollars! We know budgets are tight and love being able to help stretch those dollars for them!

We've created a K12 catalog with products that K12's order the most, as well as scanner sheets. Tim Peters, our Product Coordinator, would happy to help with recommendations or ordering of any products. 

If you would like to order through us, you can use Shop Minitex which is now fully integrated into the right-hand column of the Library Products: Cooperative Purchasing section of the Minitex website.

Contact Tim Peters
Fax:  612-625-3569
Phone:  612-625-9527 or 800-462-5348


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Dana Kocienda
Program/Project Specialist & Assistant to the Director
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