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Minitex sells high-quality products from Sentry Custom Security at consortial discounts that save libraries money. Staff at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Library have been pleased with Sentry's QuickInsert Labels and QuickInsert Tool.

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Text courtesy of Clint Crumley, Cataloging Assistant, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Library.

We've been using the QuickInsert Labels and QuickInsert Tool for several years and have found them to be incredible. They make the job go by much faster with next-to-no hassle. I cannot imagine using a different product that can match the ease and efficiency of this one!

To see how QuickInsert Labels work, watch the video on the Sentry Custom Security website.

Minitex sells Sentry Custom Security products at consortial discounts. To learn more, visit Shop Minitex or contact Tim Peters.

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Tim Peters
Products Coordinator
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