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from Gale:

HTTPS mandatory—Gale continues to make enhancements to protect the right to privacy for all library users. That’s why beginning this summer, we’re moving our current customer-facing systems from HTTP to HTTPS. This will encrypt patron traffic, ensuring that data between a patron’s browser and Gale products cannot be compromised.

New, shorter domain names—Gale products will begin directing to * instead of * All existing * URLs will automatically redirect to the new location.

If your library uses a proxy server or if you use a firewall “whitelist,” then you may need to take action.

  • EZ-Proxy/Innovative WAM: If you use either of these proxy servers, you will need to update the Gale entry in your proxy server configuration so that it reflects HTTPS and Updated proxy configurations can be found at
  • Firewall Whitelist: If your firewall uses “whitelists” to allow traffic by domain name, you will need to ensure that the new * domain is allowed to pass through. None of the Gale IP addresses are changing.

This change will be mandatory as of July 17, 2019. After that date, products will begin automatically directing to * HTTPS protocol will also be required to access your products. To be ready for this change, please update systems, links, and proxies as soon as possible.

Contact Gale Customer Success if you need assistance with your GaleAdmin settings or for assistance generating HTTPS-compatible URLs.

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Anne Hatinen
Electronic Resources Librarian
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