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Recorded webinars and more available from Gale

Looking for new digital content for your classroom? Want to reach patrons who can’t attend programming with digital resources? The digital content in Gale resources from eLibrary Minnesota can easily be linked to learning management systems, websites, e-newsletters and more. Tune into this session to spark ideas on incorporating Gale In Context: Middle School and Gale In Context: High School into learning for all.

Gale adds accessibility features to In Context resources

Gale recently added some accessibility tools to its In Context databases. Two of these, Gale in Context: Middle School and Gale in Context: High School, are available to all Minnesota residents via ELM.

New accessibility features in Gale databases

New accessible font choices are now available in Gale In Context databases.

ELM Tips & Tricks: Gale's Topic Finder

The two Gale databases available in ELM, Gale in Context: Middle School and Gale in Context: High School, offer a search tool called Topic Finder. "This tool takes the titles, subjects, and approximately the first 100 words from a subset of your top results and feeds them into an algorithm. Keywords shown in the graphics are those found most often in the text with your search term." The results in the above image represent those terms found most often in the results for "space race."

Gale's new and updated portals reflect current events

Gale has added and updated portals in their Gale In Context: High School database. Each portal includes a topic overview and links to articles, biographies, images, videos, and more.

Gale In Context: New Content Levels

Along with changing their names, Gale has updated some features within their databases. One of these updates involves their Content Level indicators.

New names and interfaces for Gale databases

The Gale Product Enhancement is here! Learn more about the databases available via that have been renamed and redesigned.

Gale Product Enhancement & Recommended Actions

from Gale:

On July 26, Gale will release the first in a series of experience and design changes across its portfolio of products. Here’s what you can expect:

Gale promotional offer featuring new & improved resources

Gale invites Minitex libraries to check out their new and improved resources available in this special promotional offer. Gale notes that "[w]e have included content to meet the needs of Minnesota students and library patrons.