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Award-winning storyteller and author Laura Packer will deliver the keynote address to Minitex Connect on its second and final day. Packer has been awarded multiple storytelling and best-in-fringe awards. The daughter of a writer and librarian, she specializes in helping organizations shape and tell their stories.

A photograph of Laura Packer to the left of the Minitex Connect 2023 wordmark

Minnesota-based and award-winning storyteller and author Laura Packer will deliver the keynote address at the second and final day of Minitex Connect on May 3. Her awards include best-in-fringe at festivals in Minnesota, Indianapolis, and Kansas City, and she has won storytelling awards in Kansas, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and beyond.

Packer's interactive presentation will introduce conference attendees to the so-called five critical stories every organization should know and be able to tell. 

IMLS senior program officer James Neal will offer the keynote address on the conference's first day.

ABOUT Laura Packer

Laura Packer knows the best way to the truth is through a good story. The daughter of a writer and librarian, it seems almost inevitable that she find her life in story. With over 30 years of storytelling experience and a degree in folklore and mythology, she has told, taught, ranted, raved, consulted and considered storytelling around the world. When she isn’t telling, she teaches, gives keynotes, runs venues, coaches, writes, and helps people and organizations use their voices to make the world a better place. She has won many awards including induction into the National Storytelling Network's Circle of Excellence for standard-bearers in the art of storytelling.

Laura is the sole proprietor of thinkstory llc, one of the foremost organizational storytelling groups in the United States. She has helped for- and non-profit organizations around the world identify, hone, capitalize upon and celebrate their stories. Previous clients include The Urban Libraries Council, NASA, iRobot Corporation, Quest Diagnostics, Miami-Dade County Library System, and others. 


Minitex was conceived as a library information network, and that's what it still is today. We are our connections with libraries across Minnesota and beyond. Minitex Connect celebrates this interconnectivity and builds upon it by inviting each and every part of the library community to come together to help us realize the vision that is the purpose of that connection: Empowered Communities & Enriched Lives.

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Zach Miller
Head of Communications

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