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Join us for this two-part series in which Minitex staff introduce the key components for making your presentations, documents, and PDFs accessible.

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Accessibility Toolkit Session 1: Making Presentations Accessible
Date: Apr 11, 2023 1-2 PM
Location: Zoom REGISTER
Facilitator: Sara Ring
Description:  In our work, most of us have created content for a presentation, but have you taken the steps to ensure the content that you share is accessible to the widest audience possible? This presentation will give you the tools to begin. After a general overview on digital accessibility, we will delve into the nitty gritty of creating accessible slide presentations. The presenter will demonstrate how to create accessible presentations using Google Slides and Microsoft Powerpoint. We will cover layout options, titles, contrast ratio, colors and fonts, link text and alternative text, animations, speakers notes, and tools for checking accessibility.

Accessibility Toolkit Session 2: Making Documents and PDFs Accessible
Date: Apr 18, 2023 1-2 PM
Location: Zoom REGISTER
Facilitators: Molly Huber and Ann Kaste 
Description: Building on the information shared in Accessibility Toolkit: Making Presentations Accessible, this presentation will walk you through the creation of accessible documents and PDFs. We will cover the seven key elements to consider to ensure your document is accessible:  headings, typography, link text and alternative text, images, tables, language, as well as accessibility evaluation tools.

When you export an accessible document to PDF, most accessibility tags and features will carry over.  In this introductory-level session to using Adobe Acrobat for creating accessible PDFs, we will discuss the basics: running the accessibility checker, finding and editing tags, determining reading order, and handling images.   Note: You will need access to Adobe Acrobat Pro (not Adobe Reader) for the functions that we will review.

Written by

Ann Kaste
Electronic Resources Librarian

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