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Quick Summary

The next installment of Minitex Conversations: Project Management is Wednesday, October 12 at 10 a.m. In this session we will have a brief introduction to Gantt Charts followed by a broader conversation about current work.

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A Gantt Chart is a calendar view of tasks and roles of a project. This visual tool can help map out the work of a project and is very useful if there will be multiple tasks being done dependent upon or at the same time of other tasks. In this Minitex Conversation we will have a brief introduction to Gantt Charts then open the session for a broader discussion of current work. 

Each project management conversation will provide a short overview of a specific concept, method, skill, or technique that can be applied to a variety of projects followed by time for an interactive discussion of current work. These open office hours are designed to be a space for learning opportunities, community discussion, and sharing of ideas and practices in how to manage any library project. You can join at any time during the hour, but registration is required. Click here to register for the October 12th session.

Written by

Carla Pfahl
Outreach & Instruction Librarian, AskMN Coordinator