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June is Immigrant Heritage Month. "Mining on the Iron Range," one of the Minnesota Digital Library's many primary source sets, features historical photos and information about the immigrants who made Minnesota's Iron Range mining industry possible.

A photograph of the Cascade River in fall.

Anybody who lives in northeastern Minnesota or who has traveled along the North Shore of Lake Superior is aware of the importance of iron mining to northeastern Minnesota. Fewer people are aware, however, of the diversity of immigrant communities the Minnesota mining industry has relied upon over its history. The miners and other hard-working men and women who made Minnesota's mining industry possible hailed from China, Austria-Hungary, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, and Sweden, among other places.

The Minnesota Digital Library's Mining on the Iron Range primary resource set brings together photographs, discussion questions, and links to further resources related to these Minnesotans and their work. The page also offers tips on how to "think like a historian," such as considering the point of view of the photographer (or other creator) or who the intended audience might have been.

The Minnesota Digital Library website features 29 primary source sets and six curated exhibits. Exploring the Minnesota's Immigrants: Immigrant Experiences exhibit is another great opportunity for celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month.

Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications

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