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Quick Summary

Nearly 300 library staff have already signed up for Minitex Connect. They'll select from offerings by 44 speakers from 18 organizations, including a session detailing the work Karen- and Spanish-speaking Community Specialists are doing at Saint Paul Public Library to promote their programs to patrons. Register today before time runs out.

A photograph of the earth at night, taken from space, with the Minitex Connect 2022 logo and wordmark at bottom left, including the subtitle, "Digital Equity and the Future of Libraries."

The first-ever Minitex Connect conference is just around the corner, and it's gaining steam. Nearly 300 library staff have already signed up, and if you're not one of them, there's still time to register. This year's theme of digital equity and the future of libraries brings with it 24 sessions to choose from across four tracks, presented by 44 speakers from 18 different organizations.

With so much to choose from, it's hard to highlight just one session, but we're particularly excited to learn about the work the Saint Paul Public Library is doing to bring their Cell-Ed and Innovation Lab programs to the attention of patrons who could benefit from them. Cell-Ed invites patrons to download an app to their phones to access 3-5 minute lessons in English, civics, and more. But raising program awareness is easier said than done. Join two of SPPL's Karen- and Spanish-speaking Community Specialists for Recruiting participants to Cell-Ed/Innovation Lab access to learn about their efforts.

Make sure you don't miss this great chance to learn from your colleagues and gather with your library community. The deadline is approaching fast, but THERE'S STILL TIME TO REGISTER. And remember: it's free this year!

Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications