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Have your resource sharing numbers and patterns changed in the last few years? Are you wondering what other libraries are experiencing? So are we! Melissa Eighmy Brown from the University of Minnesota and Gerri Moeller from Minitex have developed a short survey to help us learn more about recent resource sharing trends.

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In the last few years, a number of factors have contributed to an evolution and some uncertainty in resource sharing. In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, more interlibrary loan systems have entered the landscape, and new avenues for open content have emerged. Many resource sharing practitioners are navigating shifting patron needs. 

This survey is an attempt to capture resource sharing trends globally. We hope that resource sharing practitioners are willing to share their stories so that we may attempt to see a big picture of where these services are heading. This survey often asks for your opinion. In several of the questions, we realize that we are asking you to speculate on what might be causing changes in the existing services. It’s also possible that you might have information from a patron survey that you’re able to share. In either case, we feel it would be useful to hear from you, the experts most familiar with ILL patterns and practices.

Please contact us by email if you would rather provide information in a short, online interview: Melissa Eighmy Brown ( and Gerri Moeller (

Take the survey here: Resource Sharing Trends Survey

Thanks in advance for your time,

Melissa and Gerri  

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Gerri Moeller
Associate Director for Resource Sharing and Delivery
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