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A new and improved version of the Minitex Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy Database is now available. Learn how you can enter, update, and maintain your library's policy information.

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A new and completely revised version of the Minitex Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Policy Database was added to the Minitex website in July 2022. This updated service allows our website visitors to find ILL staff contact information, format-specific lending policies, and more for libraries of all types in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota - all within a reimagined and streamlined user interface. Users can browse all available libraries or filter the full collection by library name, location code, and/or library type.

We ask that ILL staff enter, update, and maintain their own policy data - and over 60 libraries have already added their policies to the database. To help you get started, a recording of a training session from July is available on the Recorded Events section of the Minitex website. For those who prefer a live training session, we are offering an encore presentation in September:

If you want to edit or enter new ILL policy data for your organization, but cannot attend the training session, there is also a written how-to guide available.

As a reminder, all library staff who plan to edit the policy information for their library must create a MyMinitex account if they do not already have one. When creating a new account, select “Edit my organization's ILL Policy Database information” in the “Service Access” section of the form so we can configure the account appropriately.

Staff members who already have a MyMinitex account and want access to edit their library’s policy information should submit a helpdesk ticket requesting this addition to their account services.

If your library does not have a profile created in the database, please submit a helpdesk ticket and request that we set it up for you.

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Web Product Manager & Developer
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