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Nicole Masika shares a secret for finding cookbooks for "#FoodieFriday."


When I started featuring cookbooks on our social media for #FoodieFriday, I knew I could draw on my own collection for inspiration for a while. However, I knew I would do better with help from others, so I reached out to co-workers that I knew to be cooks. I got some great ideas from several people, but the best and most lasting one came from Carol Nelson: The WorldCat Cookbook Finder. This is still billed as an experimental project, but I think it is extremely functional.  When I saw #NationalCoffeeDay trending, I was able to quickly find a well-rated coffee cookbook to feature that week. I usually plan by checking our editorial calendar for possible themes, and I have been able to find cookbooks for everything from apple harvest to Star Wars Day. 

As a Minitex staff person, I could look for cookbooks in other databases, including other OCLC products, but The WorldCat Cookbook Finder really streamlines the process. I think it could be a huge help to people doing research on particular culture or cuisine. It is also great for foodies of all types looking for our next inspiration, so I suppose it's about time I shared this resource with my sister!

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Nicole Masika
Resource Sharing Assistant
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