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The MNLINK users group meeting was held August 10. The group discussed the replacement service for VDX as well as the timeline for implementation.

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The MNLINK users group meeting was held on Thursday August 10. The MNLINK contract had been finalized with Index Data a few days earlier, and the event was well attended by the community to learn more about the interlibrary loan replacement for VDX. The preceding weeks had been instrumental for detailing a timeline for the transition process to gather information about each participating MNLINK library, configuring the new service and building a database of library holdings, developing several enhancements, create training materials and train staff, and launch the replacement MNLINK service by May 2024. The community response has been enthusiastic to learn about these new details, since regular updates have been provided over the last couple years while Minitex staff and the community have gathered information and worked through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to evaluate the consortial interlibrary loan landscape. Opportunities are being evaluated for library staff involvement for workgroups to assist with the transition process.

The first step in this process is to gather information about each library integrated library system (ILS) or library management system (LMS) and their collections. I have held numerous group and individual meetings with the MNLINK libraries to keep the process moving forward on our desired timeline, because our current VDX service has an end of life June 30, 2024.

Thank you to all staff who attended the users group meeting, and are involved in this transition. I feel lucky to be a part of a community that values resource sharing! The next MNLINK users group meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 26.

Written by

Nick Banitt
Resource Sharing Manager
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