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Learn about the recent addition to the Stillwater Public Library collection.

Churchill Street Ravine crossed by South Second Street and South First St [Number 22], Stillwater, Minnesota

The Minnesota Digital Library is pleased to announce the addition of new maps to our collection. The Stillwater Public Library has shared a series of engineering maps that show the devlopment of the city's infrastructure. These "sewer maps" show water, drainage, and sewer lines as well as denote property ownership, show early street names, and mark the locations of early streetlights and manhole covers.  

The Stillwater Public Library's St. Croix Collection of local history preserves unique collections, one of a kind items, and photographs of this picturesque St. Croix River town, Washington County, and the St. Croix Valley. Contributions to the Minnesota Digital Library include: biographies of Company B Veterans, World War I German Alien registrations, City of Stillwater building permits, and an early stereopticon slide collection. 

Browse engineering maps at the Stillwater Public Library.  

Browse the entire Stillwater Public Library collection. 

Written by

Greta Bahnemann
Metadata Librarian, Minnesota Digital Library
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