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Meet Hilma Berglund, a weaver and founding member of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota, through a new Primary Source Set in the Minnesota Digital Library.

Pine Bloom woven swatch by Hilma Berglund

"Pine Bloom" draft and swatch woven by Hilma Berglund, 1950-1972. Weavers Guild of Minnesota,

Hi everyone, my name is Grace. I am a volunteer working on Primary Source Sets for Minnesota Digital Library. My first set is about Hilma Berglund, a weaver and founding member of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. Berglund was born in Stillwater, Minnesota in 1886 and studied art at the University of Minnesota. She taught weaving at several organizations around the Twin Cities including the University of Minnesota and the Handicraft Guild of Minneapolis. She made a lasting impact on the artistic community in Minnesota with the founding of the Weavers Guild of Minnesota in 1940.

I enjoyed the research process and all the places it brought me. Through learning about Hilma Berglund, I also learned about the history of artistic and cultural organizations in Minnesota that exist today, like the American Swedish Institute and the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. I think it is cool how many different things Berglund did in her life. She was a weaver, a teacher, a leader, and an innovator. She even designed a loom for her students at the University of Minnesota!

I also had fun looking at Berglund’s woven swatches in the Minnesota Digital Library. I love how closely you can zoom in to look at the textures and patterns.

I’m excited to create more Primary Source Sets to share with you!

Written by

Grace Onsrud
Minnesota Digital Library Volunteer
Stephanie Hess
Digital Curator, Minnesota Digital Library
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