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The Minnesota Digital Library has published a new exhibit on the photographer George A. Newton. Newton lived and worked in Duluth at the end of the nineteenth century.

Schooners at a coal dock, Duluth, Minnesota

The Minnesota Digital Library is proud to announce the publication of a new exhibit. "George A. Newton: Visions of the North Country 1888-1920" focuses on the life and work of the Duluth-based photographer. The Minnesota Digital Library contains almost 150 photographs by George Newton from four different contributing organizations and this exhibit brings these images together for the first time. 

George Newton photographed many aspects of life in northeastern Minnesota, during a time of tremendous change in technology, settlement, and social issues. The exhibit includes a map which shows some of the locations Newton visited and photographed. 

George Newton lived and worked during a time when multiple stories existed shoulder to shoulder: from the traditional life of the Ojibwe at Grand Portage to the development of the mining industry and the growth of Duluth into a major port and a gateway to northeastern Minnesota. He captured it all with his camera, leaving an indelible record of this transitional time in Minnesota history. 

Written by

Greta Bahnemann
Metadata Librarian, Minnesota Digital Library
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