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The Roseau County Historical Society added almost 350 radio programs to its collection in MDL.

A letter that Mike Holm wrote to Erick and Rose Bjorkman on November 8, 1926 and the Mike Holm Story read on "A Look Back in Time" radio program, Roseau, Minnesota

The Minnesota Digital Libray is pleased to share new audio content from the growing Roseau County Historical Society's collection. Their new contribution focuses on the radio program "A Look Back in Time" that was developed by Irene Olson and the County Historical Society. Irene Olson prepared the radio scripts and broadcast the each program on Roseau's local radio station KJ102 FM. The programs highlight the history of Roseau County and the people that lived there. Each program includes letters, stories, or interviews with local residents.

Listen to the radio programs here.

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Greta Bahnemann
Metadata Librarian, Minnesota Digital Library
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