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The Minnesota Digital Library has published a resource guide exploring this year’s National History Day theme, "Turning Points in History," using materials from our digital collections.

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National History Day is a program that builds opportunities for students to research historical topics around a particular theme. Topics can come from world, national, or state and local history. Every year the theme changes, and the 2023-2024 theme is “Turning Points in History.”

The Minnesota Digital Library (MDL) encourages students to consider selecting a National History Day topic from Minnesota’s past. Local history is full of ideas, actions, and events which caused changes in our communities and beyond. Nationwide or international movements affected individuals on a local level, too. Student projects could explore these changes and bring underrepresented stories to light.

To help students select topics and find resources, MDL has published an online guide to the Turning Points theme full of suggestions, images, and places to start. The guide also includes lists of MDL’s primary source sets and online exhibits that fit the Turning Points theme. Check it out to learn more about the theme and how it applies to Minnesota history today!

Written by

Stephanie Hess
Digital Curator, Minnesota Digital Library
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