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The Minnesota Digital Library (MDL) has released its first annual Contributor's Choice exhibit, featuring favorite items chosen by nine of MDL’s contributing organizations.

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The Minnesota Digital Library (MDL) is excited to announce the publication of our first annual Contributor’s Choice exhibit! MDL provides access to digital collections shared by over 200 contributing organizations throughout Minnesota. Who knows these materials better than our contributors? We wanted to give them a chance to highlight their collections in a new exhibit, and we asked them to choose their favorites.

Nine organizations selected a variety of items for us to share in this online exhibit. These materials are significant because they document a particular moment in time, represent how a wider movement was experienced locally, or symbolize an organization and its role in a community. Some of these items are not well known outside of their archives, and this is our chance to share them more widely.

We were inspired to create Contributor's Choice because we believe in the power of collaboration and letting organizations tell their own stories. Thanks to the librarians, curators, and archivists from these nine contributors who participated in our first annual exhibit. They selected, researched, and wrote the content on each of their pages in this exhibit. We could not have done it without them!

Written by

Stephanie Hess
Program Assistant, Minnesota Digital Library
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