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The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) recently added 40 books and 272 maps related to Minnesota's highway history to the Minnesota Digital Library, including planning information, proposed routes, and transcripts from public hearings.

Cover of a booklet containing preliminary interstate highway 35E and 94 designs showing an image of the Minnesota Capitol area in St. Paul alongside the text

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) library is a rich source of information on the history of the state's highways. They recently shared some of that history with the Minnesota Digital Library (MDL), working with us to digitize 40 books and over 270 maps containing planning information, showing proposed routes, and touting the value of developing an interstate highway system for Minnesota. Of particular interest are the conversations around the decision to route I-94 through
St. Paul's Rondo neighborhood, and this collection includes transcripts of public hearings conducted during the highway planning process. Interested in learning more about our state's highway history? Peruse MnDOT's collection in MDL to get the full story. 

Written by

Molly Huber
Outreach Coordinator, Minnesota Digital Library
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