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The Minnesota State Academy for the Blind is a new contributor to the Minnesota Digital Library. They have shared images from sixty four of their graduating classes.

Six people, two standing, four seated, smiling towards a camera, posed in front of some trees outside during mild weather

The Minnesota State Academy for the Blind, located in Faribault, was founded in the 1860s and has had various names throughout its history. Its mission is to provide education in small group settings for blind, visually impaired, and deaf-blind learners from birth to age twenty one. Individual Education Plans are designed for each student and implemented throughout the educational program in both school and residential settings. Recently, they worked with the Minnesota Digital Library to digitize and share images of sixty four of their graduating senior classes, beginning with the Class of 1940. Explore the full collection of the Minnesota State Academy for the Blind here

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Molly Huber
Outreach Coordinator, Minnesota Digital Library
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