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The Minnesota Digital Library recently added 75 quarterly member newsletters produced by the Weavers' Guild of Minnesota to its online collection.

Black and white cover of a quarterly newsletter produced by the Minnesota Weavers' Guild for its members. The word "Books" appears repeatedly at jaunty angles across the page.

The Minnesota Weavers' Guild recently added 75 quarterly member newsletters from the period 1977-1987 to the wealth of materials they have shared with the Minnesota Digital Library. These newsletters increase the understanding of the Arts and Crafts movement in the state and further enhance the history of handweaving in Minnesota. In addition, the newsletters have a unique instructional value in that they contain detailed information about specific weaving and other related techniques that have been refined by Weavers Guild members. Read them cover to cover via the Weavers Guild newsletter collection in MDL.

Written by

Molly Huber
Outreach Coordinator, Minnesota Digital Library
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